5 Steps To Help You Find Your Perfect Accessible Home

Dated: September 28 2020

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5 Steps to Help You Find Your Perfect Accessible Home

When it comes to finding the perfect home, you need an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and safe, so that you can focus on building a fulfilling and happy life. This can be a bit more complicated when you are also living with disabilities but it doesn’t have to be. Because with a few simple tweaks to your home search, you can make finding your accessible home so much easier. So with this in mind, here are a few steps you won’t want to skip:

Hire The Right Realtor 

 Whether you plan on renting or buying, working with a realtor is your safest bet for ensuring a low-stress process from start to finish. In Chicago, the brokers at Berkshire Hathaway have the market knowledge and experience to guide you through each step needed to find an accessible home. They can help you find the perfect house or condo, or even a piece of land if you prefer to build your dream home.

If you are searching elsewhere, finding a reliable real estate agent should be your first step. You can ask your friends and family members for recommendations, but do ask your top choices whether they have experience helping buyers find accessible homes.

Research Home Prices

Finding a home you can comfortably afford is another essential step. To get an idea of what you will need to spend on a home that fits your needs, you can start by researching current local home prices. Using online tools can make this part of the homebuying process quick and simple. You can use these tools to search specific cities and neighborhoods, and you can even filter home choices to include certain design elements and features. You will need to take your own assets and finances into account as wells, so once you have a better idea of price trends, use an affordability calculator to set your target price range.

Understand Universal Design

While there has been some progress in the availability of accessible housing, many people who are living with disabilities still find it difficult to find a home that fits their needs. This challenge can be attributed to a lack of universal building codes and requirements for creating accessible new properties. Even so, contractors and builders are starting to recognize the need for accessible homes and are starting to incorporate more universal design elements into their new houses, condos and apartments. Simple design tweaks, like providing multi-level counters or widened doorways, can be so important when you are living with a disability. So as you work with your realtor and view potential properties, be sure to keep universal design in mind. 

Explore Modification Costs

Finding a home that already incorporates universal and accessible design can be a dream come true. Unless you plan on building your new home, however, you may find it nearly impossible to find a home that includes every single detail you need. This doesn’t mean you should give up your search, though! As Expertise explains, you can always make modifications to turn a nearly perfect home into the accessible home of your dreams. Now this will add to your overall budget but you may be able to cover modification costs using federal benefits or grants.

Plan for a Stress-Free Move

One you’ve found a home and made an offer, the hard work isn’t quite over yet. As The Spruce notes, before you close on your new home, you should really begin planning your move. While this may sound premature, moving services can book out weeks or even months in advance. So if you need help moving your furniture or packing boxes, calling ahead to get estimates and timelines is a very smart move. Then you will have a better idea of when you need to book those services in order to ensure your move is as low stress as possible

There’s no doubt about it: finding accessible homes can be tough but it doesn’t have to be impossible. You may just need to adjust your search or your expectations. Either way, you should also be sure to work with a realtor you can trust.

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5 Steps To Help You Find Your Perfect Accessible Home

5 Steps to Help You Find Your Perfect Accessible HomeWhen it comes to finding the perfect home, you need an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and safe, so that you can focus on building a

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